About the Linguist

Tyler Everett Kibbey

Tyler Everett Kibbey

Tyler Kibbey is a Doctoral Research Fellow at Humboldt University – Berlin, in affiliation with Leibniz-Centre for General Linguistics and Collaborative Research Center 1412 Project A01 ‘Metaphor and Metonymy in Register Variation’. He received his MA in Linguistic Theory and Typology from the University of Kentucky (2020) and his BA in Interdisciplinary Linguistics from the University of Tennessee (2017). He is a Fellow and Affiliate of the 2019 Linguistic Institute at the University of California, Davis, a Research Fellow and Postgraduate Affiliate at the University of Kentucky’s Center for Equality and Social Justice, and the recipient of the LGBTQ+ College Conference’s 2019 Award for the Advancement of LGBTQ+ Issues in Academia.

Tyler’s research explores the language of religious violence through socio-cognitive linguistic methodologies and building from an extensive background in Conceptual Metaphor Theory. A significant portion of his work has also focused on the sociology & philosophy of linguistics, the cognitive science of religion, linguistic historiography, and the study of theo-political ideologies.

Tyler is also an avid and outspoken activist both within the academy and in public life. He has served as lead organizer, co-convener, and (currently) Chair of the Linguistic Society of America’s Committee on LGBTQ+ [Z] Issues in Linguistics and has received numerous programming and organizational grants related to LGBTQ+ academic events. Tyler is also a proud Tennessean who has contributed to the state’s public policy and intellectual debates in various capacities over the last decade.

You can learn more about Tyler’s research below at a recording of his 2020 Brazilian Linguistics Association lecture ‘The Voice and Silence of Divinity: A Socio-Cognitive Linguistic Approach to Religious Violence’.